Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Back to School Parent Handbook...A Freebie

About this time, being the nervous nellie I am, my mind starts to obsess with what needs to be done to go "back to school".  Despite the fact there is still time left to enjoy I thought I would try and help you get ready for those events that pop up right away!
The handbook I am sharing with you today is something that I would have out at Open House which we do BEFORE school starts.  For those of you that have Open House later maybe this could be sent home on the first day or mailed.
Friday I plan to share some Open House ideas and the "welcome" letter I send to my kiddos.  Sunday's Bundle will be Laura Numeroff updated and on sale so keep stopping by!!
These are some of my sample pages.  I made editable ones for you.
Below are some of the sheets for parent sign up included in the packet.
Hope you find these helpful.
Let me know if I can create something else for you!!

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