Sunday, July 19, 2015

Room Decor

First don't forget to sign up for the $25 TpT gift certificate.  Drawing is tomorrow!
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Okay today you are going to have to use your imagination.
A last minute decision as I was sitting inside the lake house on a 90% humid day while they cut a HUGE tree down in the front of the house.  Yep way up on that OLD branch is the climber.  He has real courage or he is NUTS!!

You need to use your imagination because my bulletin board is going to be my kitchen table.
I have no laminator here and because of the humidity the edges are curling BUT I do think you will get the actual feeling of the ideas I am sharing.

Does the sound of the pencil sharpener drive you crazy?
Does the "squirmy" kiddo drive you crazy having to sharpen their pencil every minute?
Does the student breaking their pencil led so they can sharpen their pencil drive you crazy?
Well they do me!!
This has really solved the problem.
Have pencils ready and sharpened.
All the child has to do is make a trade.
Not oldie but goodie!!

This idea is great for Student Helpers.  Providing "jobs" for the kiddos makes them feel a part of the classroom.  Unlike at home I find they LOVE having a job at school.
Be sure to keep a checklist next to your helper board so that you are sure everyone has equal opportunity.  I have jobs like...messenger, librarian, meteorologist, lights, recycle, papers and two of the favorite...Line Leader and Caboose.  
I use the self stick velcro so I can exchange student names printed on tagboard and laminated.

This has been a welcome addition outside my classroom door!  Again I have each special area on a card and laminated.  The self stick velcro once again works so I can make quick exchanges.  

Here are the name tags.
The desk name tag has lower case letters and number line to 10.
The locker name tag just has the border and name.
I ran the name tags for open house and the first day of school on full sheet labels.
They turn out sooo cute.

You have to use your imagination here BUT I think you get the idea of what my birthday board will look like.  The banner can be as big or small as you want it by just duplicating the flags.
Tomorrow I will show you the welcome banner.

This is my second favorite spot.  On the first day I take each kiddos picture and post them on these photo tags with the child's name.  Perfect for dividing groups, boy girl count, polling.
Laminate and they last all year!!

And I love this colorful alphabet on half sheets for posting.

Good stuff to get you back to school ready.
This and so much more are found in this packet.
Tomorrow I will share the behavior section, calendar/clock, as well as the welcome!!
Priced to help you meet a teachers pocketbook!!


  1. Such a cute theme! We go back Aug. 14th.

  2. August 7th. #tooearly