Sunday, October 25, 2015

Mighty Math Center...Numbers and Operations in Base Ten

Second packet ready to go!
As an educator what I really like about these is that each game and activity is specifically designed to meet a standard. Each game starts with the skill it matches.  I also included for you the "actual standards" and then "simply put" or I Can...
Embedded in the games I worked hard to create activities that would encourage communication and thinking outside the box!
So with this packet you get:
A list of standards or I Can.
Directions for posting.
Game or Games to support each standard.
Record keeping sheets for each game to check student accuracy.
Practice pages.
Lets take a peek!!
Find it here!

These are samples of the practice pages for this skill.

Here are samples of two other activities in this specific section. Note that each game or center activity has record sheets so that you can check accuracy of the student's work.
Here are some samples of other activities in the packet.

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