Friday, October 2, 2015

Linking them all, graphing, opinion writing!

Teaching students about opinions is sometimes a difficult task.  This year I decided to link opinions to   data collection and then graphing.  The packet I have prepared is filled with activities to support this goal.
There are 8 "big questions" in the packet...
What is the best way to get to school?
What is the best sport to watch?
Which field trip would you rather go on?
Which would make the best pet?
Which activity would you rather do?
Which is the best weather?
Which is the best season?
Which is the best food?
Each of the "big questions" has three choices for posting.
I used magnetic tape to post mine and used a large magnetic white board.  Each student is then given a picture with a magnet on the back to place their opinion.  If pictures of your students are available these are more fun to laminate and use but if not I have provided pictures for you.
Once every student has posted their opinion we take a look at the big picture.  I have included discussion questions for you to ask.  If you are using a magnetic white board you can even write the numbers so students can visually see them.
These really get the students thinking about the data collected.  You can even have them get their white boards out or a blank sheet of paper and write answers as you discuss.  
Next each student is given the graphing page with their own opportunity to create a graph and gather numbers related to the data...key vocab...more/less  The final question on this sheet asks for their opinion which is the perfect lead into opinion writing.
At this point students can complete the pre write and then the final write.  I have included an extra paper for those who write on and on.  I also included an example to share the appropriate way to write an opinion paper and finally a rubric for grading.  

Here is a freebie for you to see if you like it!! Instead of visually posting the results the class will ask peers their opinion and record it on their paper.


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