Wednesday, September 30, 2015

"OWL" bet you will love this for fall!

A great topic with some delightful literature to accompany it for autumn is OWLS!
One of my favorite stories is Owl Babies.  It is filled with facts about owls with a delightful fiction theme. Sarah, Percy, and Bill are three baby owls who wake to find their mother is missing.  As you read the students will identify with some of the facts true to the owl such as "they wake in their home in a hole in the trunk of a tree".  I included comprehension activities on story elements and sequencing.

Each of the owls has a unique personality.  I created this page so the children can "chat" about Sarah.
Other stories can be available in your room as well such as Owl Moon and Good Night Owl just to name a few by popular authors.
Informational text is also included in the packet.  I created a mini book filled with information about owls and pages to record information after reading. (Reading for detail and information.)
The nice thing about these mini booklets is each child can have their own AND they can highlight and circle words and passages.  When they get home they can reread them to their parents.
These two non fiction books are perfect for the classroom.  I like the National Geographic for the primary child.  This allows practice with the standards for literature.
Finally there is a craft that I used scrapbooking paper and buttons.  I think it would make the perfect autumn bulletin board.  It is offered as a freebie and includes a word search for those who finish creating early.

The packet is also filled with word work and informative writing for your literature centers or for whole group experiences.

OWL bet you and your class will love this!!


  1. Hi Michele, Thank you very much for the great Owl Freebie!
    Deb at Fabulously First

  2. You are welcome Deb! So glad to have someone comment:)