Friday, September 18, 2015

Watch Me Grow

As an educator I think one of the toughest jobs is tracking student progress and mastery.
I always struggle to fit it into  the primary grades where testing is not always a true picture.
This summer I developed Watch Me Grow.
It is perfect for not only me but for parents as together we track their child's progress.
I have kept the price reasonable because I BELIEVE in this product and how it can benefit YOU the educator.
As I worked through it last year I saw ROOM FOR IMPROVEMENT so it has been updated and revised.  If you have purchased it please download it again

I ask each parent to send in a 3 ring binder 1 inch. (They could be smaller.)
The covers look like this.  Students can color them if they wish or you can make color copies.
You can copy the pages ahead of time or create them monthly as you go.
Each month the student fills out three pages and colors the month. (great for watching the growth of fine motor.) Each month there is an All About Me as well as a reading, writing, and mathematics sample.  The difficulty increases each month. The notebook can go home each month if your feel confident the parents will return them.  If not I would share at conferences and send it home at the end of the year.
This is the September Sample.

Next in the packet is a list of Dolch Words through 3rd Grade.  You can keep this Assessment part separate but I just put a piece of colored paper to divide the sections.  This assessment can quickly be done monthly by a parent helper.

The next two sections are the Language and Mathematics Common Core Standards.  These are specific to first grade.
For you each and every standard is listed.
The actual standard and then "simply put"!
I do not show them on each of the examples here but they are a part of each section.
They also have a cover page for the notebook.

For those of you required to post what you are working on there are I Can Statements and ones for posting.
In the literature section I even included Literature Selection suggestions for literature to use.

Let's learn and grow together!!


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