Sunday, September 20, 2015

Happy Birthday Johnny Appleseed!

Just around the corner on September 26th we will celebrate Johnny Appleseed's birthday.
John Chapman was born in 1774, 241 years ago, and is still remembered today.  It is a perfect time to at least share this hero of American Folklore with your class.

Each year I have my class use apple prints and create sweatshirts and t-shirts.  We would wear them on our trip to the apple orchard.

I especially enjoy this packet because it contains activities in every area of the curriculum and a craft for decorating your classroom as well.
There are two mini books for your class with informational text.  One is about the life of Johnny Appleseed and the other is filled with facts about apples.  They are followed with a true/false, opinion/face.  You can teach using text to complete activities.  Have the kiddos highlight the text to answer the true/false.

In the area of literature there are a number of fiction/non fiction books listed.  Many of the stories have comprehension activities for a follow up after reading to the class.  The ones below go with the story The Little Red House.

I have also included poetry in the packet.  I love having kiddos read poetry and they enjoy it too.  Have the class memorize the poem and follow it up with the comprehension activity.
Word work is included with parts of speech, ABC order, rhyme, and my favorite the vocabulary cards for posting or for a literacy center.

Here is an opinion writing activity for your writing center or to use as a whole group.  There are other activities for pre writers as well as graphic organizers.  Another favorite is the picture for an apple orchard and then have your class write captions.  There is a final write page for the writing activities that can be topped with Johnny himself.  The pattern is included.

Mathematics has a number of activities including a game.  Here are samples of the counting by tens and apples to cut out.  Sort them by 2's, odd, even, tens, and more. and what fun with the read aloud Ten Apples Up On Top.

Even science is included in this packet.  Here is an experiment with apples.  But you can have fun with graphing, using senses, float or sink.
I have priced the packet at an affordable price.  $5 for 90 pages.  There are plenty of activities for almost a full week.  I hope you with PICK this and provide some exciting activities for your class!!


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