Friday, September 4, 2015

Happy Labor Day All!!

Hope you all have wonderful plans for the weekend. For me it is exciting because YEP!!! they have finally broken ground on my new home.  Only three months behind but oh well.  So here is where I will be this weekend and since I am sure no one really pays attention to this blog let me post.
These are my two dogs. A 5 year old black lab and a 6 month old chocolate lab.
Until our new house on the lake is finished this is where we will be.
Small but the view is to die for!!
You can tell my boys are worn out!!
They love swimming.
Don't forget to check this packet out.
If you didn't get to it before Labor Day...How about after with a 4 day week?

And to thank you all for your support!
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  1. Your temporary home looks quite nice in the photo. Hopefully the construction phase of your house will pass quickly, although you might be ice-skating on your lake before you get to swim in it!

  2. That lake looks beautiful! Is it in northern Ohio?

  3. The lake is in Southeast, Michigan. It is Devils Lake. And Suzy you are correct I will most likely be ice skating.