Saturday, September 5, 2015

RAIN?? Oh well take a minute to read this!!

This is NOT what I had planned for the weekend. Good thing company is not arriving until tomorrow!! I love how the weather report says no chance of rain until late afternoon and the downpour began at 11:00AM and is scheduled to continue all day. So sorry for those who DO have plans. For me it allowed time for some creativity. Check out these tasty, adorable cupcakes for the bear unit. And how SIMPLE...Nella Wafers, M&M's, Chocolate Frosting. They will be so cute to share after your mini unit on these favorite bear stories. And I love the Crafts that accompany the activities. Perfect for decorating a bulletin board or a spot in your room or hall. Finally don't forget the GIVEAWAY which includes the book, Bear Has A Story to Tell, Stuffed Bear, and Packet. Total value $15. a Rafflecopter giveaway Finally, Monday I will be have a SALE!! 20% off the entire store.


  1. Those bear cupcakes are so cute I think I will have to make them!

  2. Lori simple as can be and I thought they were sooooo cute!