Sunday, September 13, 2015

Bats and October treat!!

Informational text is so key in todays educational setting.
This packet is perfect for helping you to introduce reading for detail and gathering facts to write about using informational text.  And the best part?  Bats and spiders are perfect for the month of October.

Kiddos will have a "batty" good time with all the activities in this packet while meeting common core standards.

It contains:

Mini book with informational text
Reading for detail
Graphic Organizer
Narrative pre write
Three levels for final write...pre writer, beginning writer, accomplished writer
Paragraph writing...are, can, have
Opinion Writing
Data collection
Key Words...definitions
Vocabulary Cards...12 for posting
Word Search
Let's Make Words

Below I have gathered for you some samples of what is in the packet.
I love the reading for detail. Students can highlight the answer to the questions in the text and use that as support for writing.
The opinion writing is outstanding as a guide to writing.
I have embedded a little math in the packet as well.  I love the communication and independent thinking that takes place with the data collection.
Finally because we all know how important vocabulary is, an opportunity to work with definitions using the underlined words in the mini book.  Using the word nocturnal talk about definition and then have fun making words.

These activities apply to both spiders and bats.

And for some of my favorite bat books...Stellaluna and Echo are perfect read aloud filled with realistic ideas.  The Gail Gibbons book and National Geographic Kids are perfect and filled with informational text.  Fun for fiction/non fiction comparison.

And for spiders nonfiction and fiction as well!
Here are a few in my library.

And don't forget Spiders by Gail Gibbons.


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