Thursday, September 10, 2015

Football Fun Day!

A $4 packet for $2 this week only!!

Has your class earned a Friday Fun Day for good behavior?
Do you want to celebrate football season or a special game with a Football Themed Day at school?
Wear your favorite jerseys or colors and come join us for Football Fun Day!!

For the party have your class create these cute players in their favorite team colors.

Write about something they might see at a football game.

Love this game for your Football Fun Day!!

And a snack as well!

Prizes might include a cute bookmark for each student.

Your entire day or even week could focus on football as the packet contains activities for every area of the curriculum.  Perfect for centers, whole group, or student choice!
And a great story...

The packet contains:
Girl and Boy Football Players for bulletin board or hanging.
Pennat for students to create for their favorite team.
6 Bookmarks to share
12 vocabulary cards for posting...colorful and include pictures.
Snack suggestion to enjoy at "halftime".
Game encouraging cooperation and leading to lots of fun!!
Morning Warm Up about football
Word Work:
ABC Order
Compound Words
Word Search
Parts of Speech Identification with football vocabulary
Posters on noun and verb
Mini Flip Book for beginning readers
Mini Book filled with informational text 
Fact or Opinion
Poster on what is a fact/what is an opinion
True or False using informational text
Compare and Contrast
Graphic Organizer
Photo Page
Final Write Page
Opinion Writing
Writing Sentences using parts of speech
Data Collection using Picture Graph
Data Collection using class opinions
Writing using data Collection
Pass Punt Kick...adding two digit numbers
Time to Score...adding three digit numbers
Both are dice games


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