Monday, September 7, 2015

Plan Ahead...Effective educational strategy! A peek at Fire Prevention.

Yep it is September but in one month from this week we will find it is Fire Prevention Week. (October 4th to the 10th)
For this theme to be effective Pre Planning is needed.

First, I always like to invite the firefighters into the classroom.  They bring all their gear and a truck. Last year the class timed me while I was getting the entire firefighter outfit on.  This is NO small feat!!  They laughed, cheered, and had so much fun watching.
Next we walk around their truck as they turn on the siren, allow kiddos to watch the hose spouting out.
 Photos are a MUST.
The best are the pictures of each student standing by the wheel of one of the tires with their fire hat on.
Another cute photo opportunity is the entire class with the firefighters by the truck.
these photos can be posted on your website or sent home to parents as a reminder of the special day.
This needs to be planned way ahead because the firefighters get very busy that week.

I always prepare vocabulary cards that title all of the pieces of their uniform and tools for reading and writing.
My complete packet has these included.

Second, finding literature to place in the classroom at all levels take planning ahead.
Here is one of my favorites.  I purchased it to keep in my classroom library because it is perfect.
You can also find it read allowed to you class on this site. The story is ready by Dusty the Dragon.
All fire safety rules are listed in this story so making text to self connections are strong as well as realistic fiction and fiction.  You will not be sorry for purchasing this book. Find it here.
Other popular titles are:

Third, I like to identify a day as Fire Prevention Day in the classroom.  ALL of the academic areas are devoted to the topic.  
Guided Reading...No Dragons for Tea
Comprehension...Story Elements
Word Work...Let's Make Words
If your kiddos are too young to write allow a class discussion and then model your story.
Social Studies...Fire Safety, Community Helpers

Mathematics...Add and cover...two and three number addition

I think you get the idea.  What a wonderful way for you to embed curriculum into a themed day!!
Feel free to remake any of the ideas posted above or for these and MANY more just check out my packet.  Only $4 for 45 pages of fire themed curriculum activities in every area!

Fourth, enhance your day with computer experiences.  Below are two of my favorites.  They do require "plug ins" and "flash" for the interactive parts.  

I have prepared for you a "freebie" that I know you will enjoy!
If focuses on writing.

October 4th to the 10th is Fire Prevention Week.
This is a perfect time for primary educators to help promote community helpers fire safety, AND enhance academic skills.
This specific freebie focuses on WRITING.
Whether your kiddos are pre writers or beginning writers this packet has activities for you and your students.
The packet contains:
6 vocabulary cards for posting or putting in the writing center.
They can be used for writing suggestions, spelling or even ABC order.
Pre Write graphic organizers for simple words, sentences, or pictures.
Practice writing a paragraph with ...firefighters ARE CAN HAVE.
Finally there is a final write or a final picture page with a firefighter craft to use as a topper.
Perfect for hanging in your classroom, on lockers, or in the hallway.

I hope you will pick up this freebie. Find it here.
So friends start planning today.
Your class will appreciate the preplanned activities.
What ideas do you have??
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