Monday, August 8, 2016

Improving Student and Teacher EXPECTATIONS...Back to School Ideas!

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This summer I took time to REFLECT on what IN MY OPINION are the ABC's of Successful Teaching.  I like reflect on past experiences because reflection provides me with a vision of where I want to improve in the new school year and what I have found to be successful. 
 I am a firm believer that without change there is little growth. 
For BACK TO SCHOOL I want to review for you my thoughts on EXPECTATIONS.

It has been proven that a teacher's expectations can affect the way a student learns or behaves.
A teacher who believes in their students has a positive attitude and presents challenging material which together boost academic achievement.
Let's take a look at suggestions on how we can improve our expectations about every student in our classroom.
As you read through this blog there are several activity pages.
1.  Find out what they are all about.
Get to know your students as individuals.  What do they like?  What are they good at?  
How do they feel about school and learning?
By getting to know each student we are able to let relate to them as an individual so they feel important and valued.
These are some interest surveys I use at the beginning of the year that give me a start.  They are leveled to meet all student needs.

2.  Allow students to set goals for themselves.
  This allows students to get involved in their own learning process and achievement.
Each Monday morning we take a few minutes to set a goal for ourselves.  
I set one as well so the class sees me working to improve also.  The first few times you do this you may have to help students with suggestions but after a few times you will see they really work hard to set and meet THEIR goals.  On Friday I hand back their goal sheet and they evaluate their progress.  
Some weeks I collect these and write a note on the back to each student letting them know how proud I am of their efforts. 
I allow students to pick the same goal more than once if they feel they need more practice.
Keep goals simple and attainable.
Sample goals:
Improve my math facts.
Work on my penmanship.
Practice ending sentences with periods.
Reading more when I finish my work.
Raising my hand before I speak out.

3.  Play games with your students that allow for conversation.
I love this game.  It is simple and really allows me and the other students to get to know each other.
I like to partner students.  At the end they answer the sheet provided that shares one thing they learned about their partner.  We then share these with the class.
This can be played over and over as long as their partners are different!!
For students to succeed they need to know they are appreciated and respected.  Let your students know that YOU BELIEVE IN THEM and YOU KNOW THEY CAN DO IT!  
One step at a time they will reach SUCCESS!

Here are some products I have found successful for "back to school" and setting an environment to "get to know each other" and "set goals".
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  1. I totally agree with your thoughts on change and students expectations. In my classroom I had a framed picture of a butterfly emerging from it's chrysalis and the words "Change - Without change there can be no breakthroughs. Without breakthroughs, there can be no future." I don't know whose words these are, but I love them. I still display this picture on my desk at home.


  2. I love that Anita!! Thanks for sharing!!