Monday, August 1, 2016

Sub Notebook

This is one of the first things I prepare each year!!
Once it is in place I feel comfortable that should something come up and I do need a sub, I am covered.

It is editable which means from year to year I can change the information to meet my classroom needs.  I use plastic sleeves to put information in and I use the pencil cases for attendance/lunch information.

Don't do your class list too soon.
Changes from the central office are for sure!
And don't make any changes!!!

I use the class schedule page as a lesson plan.
I always prepare ONE day to keep in the folder.  That way if an unexpected absence comes up I have nothing to do.  I run the copies and place them in the folder.

It is helpful for subs to know your class rules.
I also include in the sleeve positive and "please remember" notes to send home.

In the front of the notebook I put stickers as well as name tags.
These are helpful...pass out, kiddos put names on , wear them.
Then there is a page for the sub to leave me notes..who was absent, who was helpful, who was not cooperative, and curriculum feedback.

Finally I plan a day.
If I know I am going to be absent I can include that but otherwise I have a day planned and copies of activities run off.
This packet contains enough for 5 days in Word Work, Writing, Mathematics, Reading, Eye Openers.
They are differentiated for meeting all needs.


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