Monday, May 13, 2019

Jonathan London Author Study

Jonathan London has written a number of frog stories about an adorable amphibian...FROGGY!

I positively adore the crafts and they are perfect for summer.

There are colorful cards fro posting and lots of word work.
word search, making words, syllables, abc order, word sort, parts of speech, definition

There are three forms of informational text sharing about Jonathan London and these are followed by graphic organizers and a T/F for recall of key facts.

Students have an opportunity to write about their favorite story.

They will also look closely at FROGGY'S character.
Does it change with the different situations he is in?

Each story has two or three comprehension activities to accompany them.
Stories include:  FROGGY Gets Dressed, FROGGY'S Baby Sister, FROGGY Plays Soccer, FROGGY Goes to School, FROGGY Bakes a Cake, FROGGY Gets a Doggy, FROGGY Builds, FROGGY Learns to Swim, FROGGY'S First Kiss
The packet ends with general templates for reporting on other stories not included in the activities.


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