Saturday, August 1, 2020

Math ... Numbers 1 to 10 ... Face to Face or Distance Learning

It's time for Back to School.
With Kindergarten you will be teaching number sense and numbers 1 to 10.
For 1st grade you will be reviewing number sense and numbers 1 otolaryngologists 10.
This resource is ideal for your students.
It is filled with games that can be played with a partner or games that students can play on the computer.  They will need a pair of dice for the online games.
This will certainly excite your students as they build solid number sense.

The Google Slides are all set for one player.
They will play by rolling the die or dice and click and dragging. 
Land Ho students will move the ship forward and back.  They will need the exact number to finish the game.
Hip Hop Down the Line provides practice on the same skill.
If I land on 7 what do I have to roll to get to 10?
Picking Apples is practice using number families.
This is also perfect for demonstrating number family concepts.
Frogs on a Log practice counting and could be subtraction for the more advanced students.
Let's Go Fish works on number recognition or one to one correspondence.
I love Let's Make Ten (Four in a row)
I roll 8.  What do I cover that will make 10?
Four in a row wins!!
Fun with Numbers focuses on More/Less
Super practice and review.
The slides can even be used to teach a concept.

This resource is the paper pencil version of the Google Slides.
It is packed with:
#1 Home Connection page of concepts important in teaching numbers 1 to 10.
#2 Concepts in print and for posting.
#3 Vocabulary
#4 Tools include Number Grids, Number Lines, Base 10 Cards
#5 Games meant to provide practice and review.  Played with a partner.
Counting up and back, ways to make 10, number words, number patterns, more/less
There is a take home version of the game and larger game boards for classroom use.
Just print and go.

Finally I love this Google Program for review and practice.
Beautiful colorful slides with a paper/pencil answer sheet to put their answers on.
Check them out below.
Perfect for 1st grade Back to School review and you go!


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