Friday, June 8, 2012

Ready for shut down...and a "freebie"!!

This board is going to have student pictures on it.  Love my literature jacket hanging on the peg.

Books, books and more books...even big books!!

Student book selection cart with literacy posters!
I have three big bean bags the students use as well as a puppet center.

Writing Center.  Empty now but full of things when students are here.

Word Wall Board...again empty but waiting to be filled.
Oh and check out our classroom pets. Three turtles I found myself. 

My area for working with kiddos!

Packets run and waiting to be used next year.  They will have to be filed.

Behavior board.  Students will be earning gold for a trip to the treasure chest.

Classroom Helper Chart.  Next years students will have little pirates on them to go with theme.

Where I post Word Wall Words for the week , phonics and our poem.
Also my pocket chart and Venn Diagram.

Math bulletin board and manipulative pieces.

If you like the "literacy posters" you can purchase them at my store.
For a sample here is a "freebie"! It is a set of labels with a pirate theme for your room.
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