Thursday, June 7, 2012

Will I see you September? (Freebie)

Well today was the last day with students and I am exhausted BUT surprise when I got home my husband had the car packed and we headed out to the cottage.  It has been such a relaxing evening.  Tomorrow we will head back into town and I will finish up in the classroom.  I plan to take pictures to share with you of how I am preparing to close up the room and get ahead of the game for the start of next year.  I hope even though school is out you will stop by and visit.  I am presenting and attending many workshops and hope to have NEW ideas to share.
So looking ahead here is a September calendar to keep you focused and excited for next school year.  Let's fill it up this summer with great activities to encourage learning and promote the mastery of the Common Core Standards!
                                                    Click here to download this calendar.
One of those chairs has my name on it for tomorrow!!

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