Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Challenge Complete!

Okay so I sent out packets to Michele, Amber, Jenny and Lisa!
Ladies as you go over these please check for mistakes.
I tried but the ELA was 305 pages.  YIKES!!
Thanks for the comments.
That's the most action I've had since I started my blog.
I was beginning to wonder if anyone even took a peek at it.
LOL  Michele

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  1. I have looked through everything and I AM BLOWN AWAY! This packet is amazing and thorough. I LOVE the idea of having the kids (or us in a data notebook, as I'll probably elect to do) keep a ring with each standard they've mastered. Honestly, Michele, I'm speechless at the amount of work you put into this! It paid off:) I spent a good hour perusing everything and saw no errors that stood out. I'm going to show my grade level partner tomorrow (and make her jealous!) and have her proofread as well...then convince her she needs to get one:) I am STOKED to see the math packet, now! Thanks SO MUCH for your generosity!!! A+++