Sunday, July 15, 2012

Sunday, Sale, Set of Calendars for "free"!

It's Sunday and I am having a SALE until Tuesday on all my new Common Core Products!
Just an FYI!
And for you if you can use them here are August and September to get you organized for what's soon to come! I am just amazed at how fast the summer is flying by.  I have not been to see my room at school yet but that will have to be done soon to see if it has been cleaned yet and whether or not I can get in to start working in the near future.  Put all my bulletin boards up before school was out.  That is always helpful...BUT there is still so much to be done before the school year begins.  Hmmmm I wonder if parent's think we walk in the day before school and "POOF" we are ready to begin?

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  1. Cute calendars! Thanks for sharing!! I think some parents think we walk in and magically everything is ready. It's amazing how much we really have to do.

    Lovin’ Kindergarten