Monday, September 10, 2012

Monday Grandparent's Day Luncheon

Well the Grandparents lunch was a huge success.  I have 23 students in my classroom and I had 50 grandparents, 2 parents and 3 preschool children attend the event which was in my tiny classroom.
As you can imagine it was a tad crowded but exciting.
They were greeted with our "hugs and kisses" as well as their grandchild.  I took their picture and then they took a minute to look around the classroom.

We had fun looking at all of the changes that have taken place since they were in school.  ( I must say some of those grandparents looked awful young.  I am not getting old am I? LOL)
Next I gave prizes for:
The grandparent who came the farthest. (Italy)
The grandparent with the most children. (11)
The grandparent with the most grandchildren. (28)
The most "mature" grandparent. (92) WOW!!
We then took a look at my website and they were asked to sign a release so that I could post a "smilebox" of the event on our calendar.
My Website
The day ended with my favorite song I Thing You're Wonderful from Teaching Peace.
Listen to the Song
And from my heart it is true...My goal with the students is to have them feel special and wonderful each and every day they are in my classroom!

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  1. WOW- you had a fabulous turn out for your grandparents' lunch. That really speaks to your good planning! I am so impressed with your prize categories... what a great picture it painted of the group you hosted. Thanks so much for sharing.


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