Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Wednesday 12-12-12

My kiddos were so excited today! 12/12/12 They thought that was just about the neatest thing.  Me I just kept thinking 6 more school days and then I can focus on the holiday and all the people I have coming for three days.  I frazzled at school because we still have not made our gifts for our parents, tomorrow I have promised myself, and since I had not one parent volunteer to head up our December party guess who is in  charge...yep me.  But I've decided we'll make our snowman socks, wrap a ball to look like a snowman head and play pin the nose on the snowman.  Keep posted for pictures of all of the above.
Now...for today's freebie I am posting one of the pages from our Classroom Elf project.  What a success it has been.  The class named him Rockie and they really believe he keeps a "lookout" for me.  Who said a little trickery would not work?  I also know for a fact that bribery works!  Happy 12/12/12 everyone!  Michele
Oh my goodness!  I just took a look at all the new blogs on TpT.
It could be a full time job looking at all of them.
No wonder it is tough to find followers.
A wealth of ideas though.  If I was a beginning teacher I would be in "Blog Heaven"!

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