Thursday, August 15, 2013

Classroom Photos

Well the room and curriculum are finally coming together.
I am so excited to meet my class next week. 
I am posting some pictures of what it looks like for the Open House.
Tomorrow I have a wonderful freebie for you that will help you track how many times you are actually teaching a common core standard.  I think it will help me keep track of areas I need to spend more time on.

The other side of the door has a little guy!
This is the list of students with number assignments for cubbies and folders.
Inside cubby.
I do my calendar here but all other calendar activities are on the Smart Board.  Good catch I see the board says May.  YIKES!

Students pictures will go on the cards above and they will earn rewards for behavior.

The Kissing Hand is our first day story and activities.

As we work on specific café skills they will be posted.  On polka dots of course!!
Poems and word wall words posted.
Each rotation or station is set up and ready to go.
Rules are visual and sent home to each parent.
Desks ready for Open House
A look out my window.

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  1. Your classroom is wonderful, I knew it would be! Thank you for sharing, have fun at your Open House.