Saturday, August 3, 2013

Saturday, Saturday

Each year I love to include poetry for posting, reading, and as an introduction to another genre.  Here is a little "freebie" for you.  I just updated and improved all of my poems for the month of September.  Hope you will enjoy these.  Michele
This is the comprehension page.  I have students read, highlight and then complete comprehension activities.
This is the poem I post in the room.  Sometime I make a poster of it as we have a poster maker in our district.
 This year I am adding bookmarks to go with each poem for reading.
 Finally I made word cards this year for each poem so the students can put the poem back together.  They will be on a table close to where the poem is posted with a pocket chart.  Fun stuff!
Hope you are enjoying the weekend. 


  1. Wow, I wish my grade ones could do this!!!!

  2. Jodi I bet they could after a month of maybe whole group participation you could move to independent. Even just reading the poem together and having it in your room for the week to focus on is sooooo much fun. Copy the freebie and give it a try. Michele

  3. I agree with you. Don't underestimate your grade ones. They may not get it the first time (who does) but with continuous practice they will get there. Practice makes it better!!!