Monday, September 15, 2014

2014 - 2015 Resolutions!

Nope it is not the NEW YEAR but it is a NEW SCHOOL YEAR and with this new year I have decided to try and liven up my blog.
First I have gotten on a list to have a blog personally designed.
I'm so excitd but I am afraid there is a wait.
As I have reflected I thought how can I create entries that excite my followers and are helpful.
This is what I have come up with...
On Monday's I will share with your cute projects and patterns of items to make in your classroom!!
On Tuesday's I will share helpful tools, assessments, resources I use in the classroom!!
Wednesday's will be a day I will just post WHATEVER is on my mind!!
Thursday's I am going to go back in my files and pull out items I think you will find useful.  We use to call them "oldies but goodies"!!
And good ole Friday will be my Freebie day ALTHOUGH each and everyday there is a chance I will put a link for you to download my area of interest.  
Soooo check in daily and see what you like.  

 So check out these cuties I posted the other day.  I am going to make these next week using construction paper and paint.  For the dots find the sponge dots that are in the craft section.  They have them at Meijers, Wallmart, and Hobby Lobby.  I am going to use white and orange construction paper cut into different sized.  Students can decide if they want to add dot or stripes.  Brown paper will be the stem and I am going to cut green polka dot ribbon to put on the stem.  Hopefully it will look like a vine.  Soon as we make these I will get it posted.  I am not ready for October but I am surely ready to start thinking aout projects.  Michele


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