Friday, September 26, 2014

A day late for TbT...

Okay so I'm a day late for TbT and now I will be a day late for Friday Freebie BUT I promise it all just a bit behind schedule.
Today was suppose to be our Highland STRIDE where kids walk to raise money for our school.
The principal was going in the dunk tank because we raised close to $20,000.  WOW
Due to fog it was canceled so I was on a quick track to making new plans.  As you know teachers must be the most flexible people in the world.
But I do have some goodies for you today!
Do any of you remember making these?  I made them for every season and just found them tucked in a tub while cleaning out.  We wore them like an apron and filled them with paper clips, markers, stickers and all you could need while you were walking around.  LOL I think I will wear this next month.  Suppose a painters apron would work as well and fabric paint it.  Just a thought.
Today we finish up Johnny Appleseed and what a week we had.
I hate how the ugly school lockers and walls make them look but our Johnny's are adorable.
Next year I won't be teaching BUT I though he would look adorable with an apple in his hand.
So October 1st is right around the corner.  I took advantage of the extra time today to get ready.
Our patch is ready to be posted and my door is a "fall" welcome!
Note the polka dot theme for my room.
Actually it was luck!

Next weeks theme...
Have a good weekend all!  I will have the freebie tomorrow!! 
Go Green!!


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