Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Teacher Thoughts and a Pumpkin Patch Craft!

OMG our pumpkin patch will look so adorable this year!
Simple rectangle paper, stem, ribbon, and dots and stripes.
Luv this assortment!
Today I thought I would share how I keep track of all of my Spelling and High Frequency words with kiddos.  
This chart is great.  I love to recheck to see if after the Five Week Unit they have learned the spelling.  Sent home it can also be helpful for parents to encourage practice.

These are my High Frequency Words or for you maybe Word Wall Words.
This is an end of a five week check.  Again it allows for rechecking and parent support.

To provide practice I do flash cards for all the kiddos.  They color the words and put them on a ring.
At the end of the week we take the ones off they know and leave the ones on that they need more practice with.
I am providing a blank sheet for your use.
Hope this is helpful.

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