Sunday, October 19, 2014

A new week is about to begin!

A new week is about to begin!  I feel like I spent the whole weekend getting ready for it.
Monday is exciting.  I was one of the leaders to help design our professional leadership for the day.
All registration and organization into the mini sessions was done online for the first time and the entire day is devoted to digital learning.
We have 12 mini sessions in the morning and our afternoon will be dedicated to the whole group with Next Generation Assessment as the topic.
The morning sessions include:
Google Sites...That's Me!!
Using computer to enhance curriculum...Primary and Intermediate Sessions
Google Forms
Google Updates
Chromebook Training
Using Phone and Tablet for Apps in the classroom
Journeys Online Demo
Math In Focus Online Demo
STAR testing components online
I am exhausted but excited to help lead this special day of training for our staff!

So I guess Monday Make It will have to wait. Hope you stop back soon!


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