Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Tuesday Teacher Talk!

This week our class theme is fire safety and I can't think of any resource more valuable than our Scholastic News.  I almost think if I had to purchase this myself I would.  If you are not familiar with it read on.  If you are familiar I would love to hear your comments about it.
This months issues relate to ...pumpkins, Santa Maria...a connection to today, Fire goats help, and Bats.  Each fits in perfectly with the themes of October.
Because it is Fire Safety week our paper today was about how "Goats Stop Fire"!
It was informative and really made a connection to today's world.  
I love the pictures and also the text is such that most students are able to read with a little support.
The video links are only 2 to 3 minutes long but filled with valuable information.
This one of course was on "fire safety" and firefighters.
Then there is a section on games.  These can be used for whole group or there is a log in for students so they can do it on the chromebooks or computers.  
Common Core Standards are always connected for those of you who need to put them in your lesson plans.
NO I DO NOT word for Scholastic News.
I am just a believer that they provide a product that IS beneficial for enhancing the classroom curriculum.


  1. I also LOVE Scholastic News. I discovered the text to talk feature and use the printables every week. My students are always engaged. The "game" at the end is very motivating!

  2. Agreed Melissa! Just a helpful tip for anyone not using this teaching tool.