Friday, October 31, 2014

Happy Halloween and Friday Freebie!!

Hi all!
Busy times in October for this school teacher.
First we had an incredible 21st Century Digital Training Day.  It was outstanding but a ton of work to put together.  We had sessions on Google Sites, Google Apps, Adapting Chromebooks into the primary and intermediate curriculum, Online with reading and math, preparing for future digital assessment.  The teachers loved it.
Next it is the dreaded day, for me at least, Halloween!  It brings out the monsters...LOL!  To make matters worse our city went Trick or Treating last night because there is a big football game tonight.  Needless to say we will suffer through two "hallow" days.  If that isn't enough our Progress Reports go home today AND we return Monday to parent teacher conferences.
In all of this I truly am excited about next week.  It is a favorite.  We spend the 3 days following conferences on Autumn and in our area...why leaves change color?
Here are three of my favorite books to use during this unit.
This is adorable.  The bear just can't understand why the leaves are falling from the trees and he tries to put them back on.  I stop part way and have the class write a letter to bear explaining why they are falling.
This is a lovely book that I am sure you all have in your files.  The actual photographs are amazing.
Fun, simple, and follows the story...Going on a bear hunt.  I absolutely love it and guess what we do following the story?  Yep, we go on a leaf hunt.  What a terrific time of the year.

Here is an activity for another favorite.  They was an old lady who swallowed a leaf.
The download for it is below the next game!

And a great game for practicing math.
So Happy Halloween everyone!  


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