Monday, December 29, 2014

Happy New Year...Freebie

Vacation time is slipping by!  Thank goodness I am planned for when I return.
Going to start with these items.
 Week One Happy New Year.
It has informational text and a number of great activities. Click here
Goes perfect with the freebie for you! Click Here
From there we are going to move into some Arctic and Antarctic research.
Again stressing informational text and research writing.
Each packet meets many Common Core Standards.  I hope soon to mark these. Click here

Then you cannot forget Martin Luther King.  This is a favorite using a special story called the Crayon Box that Talked. Click here
And then for each of my stations and morning eye openers I have my SNOWY DAY Bundle.  
This is filled with word work, writing, mathematics, and common core daily review.  There is also literature and comprehension activities to accompany the stories. Worth every penny I am charging.  This is my first year using it and I am so excited. Click here

Let's enjoy those last few days of vacation.  


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