Sunday, December 7, 2014

Hello From Near and Far...

I feel like this title is perfect as I am on the airplane now to return to Ohio.  Just spent and amazing 4 days celebrating my Mother in Law's 90th birthday.  She looks great and is still independently living in Florida.  While there I was also able to visit with my parents so the trip was perfect.  Having been gone for Thanksgiving the week before and then missing the 2 Gingerbread days last week I feel...hmmm frazzled????!!!
Tomorrow I will begin with my class Winter Holiday Lights which focuses on Holidays celebrated around the world.  We cover one holiday each day.  A follower wrote and asked if I had anything to enrich this unit so it could be used to meet more Social Studies standards.  The results...Hello From Near and Far.  Each of the holidays covered also has a part in the Hello From Near and Far packet.  I'm thinking I will now truly be covering all I need to about children around the world while connecting to geography, families, languages, food, and so much more.
To check it out there is a freebie on Israel.
This is a sample from the packet on Australia.  

Here is one of the Anchor Charts but this information is also in mini booklet form.

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  1. Celebrating holidays around the world is one of my favorite themes during December. What a cute pack you have there. Thanks for the freebie!
    Samiclaus Tag (St. Nicholas Day) ~ Swiss-style!