Monday, December 15, 2014

Santa's Workshop

Four days and counting!  The kiddos are lively and we still have presents to make. you...this is for the kiddos...popcorn, sock from the dollar bin, white tissue wrap and some buttons.

Gift bags for parent gifts...white bag, sponge painting snowflakes or stars, fill with tissues, punch and tie with blue and green ribbon.

Parent gift...each kiddo signs name and date, chooses color and buttons.  Glue stick puts it all together.

OMG, my favorites for our classroom and then for the kiddos to take home.  I have children who still have these from years ago.  I use to use "tube" socks but I can no longer find them but I have a feeling these socks will look perfect.
All socks are purchased at dollar store.
All ribbon is buy one get one free.
Buttons are so cute and a bit expensive for buttons but I couldn't resist.
Socks for snowman were buy a pack get a pack free.
That really helps with the price of things.
Bags for wrapping were donated.
As we work on these I will get pictures out.


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