Wednesday, June 1, 2016

Balanced Literacy with a Back to School Theme!

This packet is perfect to start your school year off!
There are crafts, school tours, how we go, connection to self experiences, name tags, posters for centers and MORE!!
You will find word work, writing, comprehension activities, and math.
Six stories...plenty for that first week of school and more.
Two NEW favorites are Dad's First Day! and Daddy's Shopping Adventure!
They are delightful and will have you and your class smiling.
 Imagine asking your class how their mom or dad felt on the first day of school.
We always ask how THEY felt but now they can predict about someone else.
And the shopping adventure...needless to say we can all relate.

For each of the stories I have added a few of my favorite activities in the packet.
There certainly are many more.
I like how this story gives me an opportunity to expand on emotions.  It also has a cute poster about the student for posting on the first day AND a cute poem.

 This I like to use later in the week and allow the students to use their imagination.
It has lots of writing, word work, and recall.

Most all of the students will have been back to school shopping.
Lets share about it.  Also there is an opportunity for some back to school shopping with addition.

How do you think your parents felt on the first day of school.

This story is perfect for who works around the school.  There are riddles, name tags, a welcome back note for you to personalize.
 And everyone loves Froggy!! There is a mini book for recording classroom information, a poster for recording classroom information, an opportunity to talk about rules (Froggy had a hard time remembering to raise his hand.)
I just know this bundle will delight you and make heading back to school that much easier!!


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