Sunday, June 5, 2016

Reading: Literature CCSS

There are at least two activities to be used with each standard.
One to be used with any piece of literature and the other to be used with a suggested well known piece of literature.

There is also a list of suggested book titles to use with the open activities.
The packet also includes a cover for student assessment packets, check sheet for students, and I can statements for posting.

Here are samples of the activities included in the packet.
RL1.1 Who, What, Where, When, Why
Parts of the story.
Words, Feelings, Expressions
Fiction or Non Fiction
Who is talking? 
Writing and Drawing about the story.
Compare and Contrast
Please note that I have a Poetry Bundle perfect for poems through the year.
 I also have monthly Comprehension Practice packages using specific literature related to the month.
They also have colorful "I Can" statements with pictures.


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