Friday, June 10, 2016


Kids love learning about insects!
Even though they really BUG me I love watching the students faces light up as new facts are presented.
Do insects BUG you?
Well maybe they won't after your students work through this informational, fun fact packet!

 The packet begins with "What I know" and ends with "What I learned"
There are three crafts to accompany a few of the insects covered with catchy titles for bulletin boards.

There are many word work pages for your literacy center with colorful vocabulary cards for posting.
Syllables, Rhyme, ABC order, Making Words, Adjectives, Definitions and more

Informational text is provided in the form of mini books and single pages.
Interesting facts, butterflies, bees, ladybugs, houseflies

Activities accompany each insect such as:
Life cycles, Q and A, Make an insect, and more.

Graphic organizers are available for research ideas and gathering information.

Final write pages are also available for publishing.
 There is a variety of literature suggestions.
I have used each book and LOVE them.


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