Tuesday, August 1, 2017

Back to School Thank You!!

Right now across America, weeks before school begins, teachers are in their classrooms getting ready for their new students. It takes a LOT of time and resources (often their own $) to set the stage for a successful year. They think and plan and obsess over the message the classroom environment communicates to students and all who enter. It's not about "cute" (although we ❤️cute!), it's about making sure kids feel welcome and know this is THEIR learning space. It's about making sure needed supplies are there and accessible. It's about setting the stage for independence so self-reliance and confidence are built. The skills needed to achieve a great classroom environment start during college training but are honed over years of working with children and their families as well as what we learn from our work buddies. Sometimes a teacher's family helps or former students/families. I benefited from all of those and you know who you are! Lucky me! Now, I get to help a friend or two and pay it forward with great joy. There is nothing as wonderful as helping others who truly appreciate it. ❤️
P. S. If you know a teacher and wonder if she or he could use anything, don't hesitate to ask!


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