Thursday, August 10, 2017

The Journey of a Stroke

Monday! 8/7
To all of you praying...a miracle has taken place.
At 2:00 PM today we will be 72 hours after stroke.
At 5:30 AM today I walked into a smiling husband and kisses in ICU Neurology.
By 10:30 AM he had addressed questions (where am I and why am I here?) to the critical care doctor, responded to where he was (a shitty place) Hmmm U of M OR the Hospital we are not sure what he was thinking. He has NOT lost his sense of humor. 

He has taken control of the TV remote and is bound to work it himself and walked with PT help to his chair to sit up.
We have been informed he will move from ICU to the Stroke Ward soon.
Praise God and all of you praying. Please continue as the uphill climb will be a long one. XOXO

Written by my son Michael Henson Wednesday! 8/9:
It's been a whirlwind of a few days. I know people have been in contact and I haven't responded. My father was found unresponsive but breathing on Friday. He was life flighted to U of M hospital and was diagnosed with a bilateral thalamic stroke. For two days he slept with a ventilator and without waking. Monday, he opened his eyes, talked to us, walked, swallowed, and has eaten tiny amounts of soft food from a spoon. Due to the nature of the stroke he is incredibly tired and struggles to stay awake. His memory was hit hard but he remembers our family and the dogs and is able to tell all of us he loves us and give us a kiss. 
It's going to be a long battle and we don't know where the road will take us. But we will continue to give him positive energy and stimulate him and support him in his recovery. 

I ask for positive thoughts and prayers. He will get through this as we are a strong family.
Edited: we got to take him for a walk outside in the garden. He smiled and we talked to him about the flowers. We have ups and downs but I wouldn't trade this special man I call my father for anything.
(Matt Henson is not in the picture because he had to return home for a few days.)

Thursday! 8/10
So many angels have blessed us on this journey!
The first response team, the life flight team, the emergency room staff, nurses, doctors, pT, OT, Speech, neighbors, family, friends.
Although U of M has never been a favorite of ours due to rivalries we are now BELIEVERS!
We agreed this would be the first time we will openly cheer for a WINNING TEAM at U of M.
This staff is clearly that!!

So many miracles are taking place daily!
Today John was put in a room with an incredible view overlooking a huge pool (he was a swimmer at MSU), trees, and the helicopter landing pads.  He sat all day looking out that window.  MIRACLE
Today we were told John has been accepted into the intense neuro rehab program.  MIRACLE
Today I took part in the therapy sessions and am learning how I can support my husband in this long journey. I LOVED it and he really responded well to our work. Because of my experience with primary students I felt like an expert and I know this expertise will totally advance our work ahead as he learns to read, write, talk, and walk again.  MIRACLE

We continue to pray, work and love!
Thank you all for supporting us!


  1. Praise God! Will continue to pray...

  2. I was so happy to read this and will continue to pray for you and your family.