Monday, August 14, 2017

Rules and Safety with Officer Buckle and Friends!

I like to begin every school year with a study on Rules and Safety.
This packet uses some of my favorite literature to support this theme.
Officer Buckle
Recess Queen
Kindness is Cooler
What if Everybody
Check out the adorable crafts!!

It starts with a review of what are the rules in the classroom.

That is followed by posters of the class rules and then a this kind? is this safe?

We also look at making wise choices and what is a recess friend vs a recess bully.

I also love talking about kindness.
This to me is KEY to a cooperative classroom.
I always that kind?
If yes then by all means follow through!

Officer Buckle allows for some great opportunities to get the class writing and illustrating rules they hope to follow.  I love creating a bulletin board using the craft and the stars.
Run these on yellow paper.

There is a game for partners or small groups and for more advanced student a response sheet.

Recess Queen activities include who is a friend or a bully and describing the characters in the story.
Through character identification we also get a clear picture of acceptable and not acceptable behaviors.


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