Sunday, April 14, 2019

How to Raise A Mom!!

Our mom helps raise us.  Let's turn the table and how would we raise our mom!
This delightful story by Jean Reagan is an ideal way to talk about MOM and with Mother's Day right around the corner your class will love it!

You can begin by recalling details from the story and then begin to allow students to think creatively...How would they raise their mom.

Comprehension consists of cause and effect as well as story recall.

My favorite are two of these activities.
What would mom like in her lunch?
What does mom lie in the morning?

Finally what is your favorite thing to do with mom and what is your mom's favorite thing to do with YOU!!

There are vocabulary cards for posting and word work for your literacy center.

The packet ends with games focusing on addition and subtraction to 10 and to 20.


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