Wednesday, October 3, 2012

A "freebie"!

Hey a freebie and it's only Wednesday BUT I think this is just so cute to go with my Three Pigs Unit. (Which by the way I connect to Houses, Family, Neighborhoods and Manners)  This is the final unit before I begin some Halloween things.
We started with Gail Gibbons and facts about pigs.  New things...hey pigs are really clean, they are not all pink and they do not eat like a "pig"!  We loved it!

Next we read the Three Little Pigs and because I love having them use their imagination we made the "4th Little Pig"!

But my favorite is Mr. BB Wolf from Mind Your Manners.  This is your freebie along with the vocabulary cards.
Click here:

And if you haven't read this book...It is a MUST!    


  1. That wolf is the cutest guy EVER!!! Thanks for sharing with us! :)