Thursday, October 18, 2012

Yikes it's Thursday...and the drawing is tomorrow!

We had so much fun with Splat today!  By the way it is a "freebie" at my store.
And then created these adorable cats and pumpkins!
The story had some wonderful vocabulary for us to explore.

But the best ever was the "How many seeds in a pumpkin?"
Day one we scooped and sorted seeds.
Day two we counted.
Two groups counted by 10, two by 5 and two by 2's.
Amazing but the counts were very similar.
The great big one had 456.
The fat middle one had 438,
The tall middle one had 386.
The two small ones had 420 some.
BUT the surprise is the 4th pumpkin from the big one which is really the smallest had 524.
I would recommend this book and activity to all!
I'd love to share pictures of the actual counting and scooping but they all have kids in them.
See you tomorrow for the drawing.


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