Friday, October 12, 2012

Finally Friday! and a "freebie"

Hmm no full moon here and still is was a "chat" till you drop kind of week for my kiddos.  Yikes they never quieted down!  In between chatting we did get a little something done and absolutely loved learning a little something about pumpkins.  Tuesday we are going to "scoop and count" so the pictures should be adorable.
I hope to capture the looks on their faces as they reach the inside.  Descriptive words required...
So today was day one of Pumpkin Mania! If you scroll down you will also see a fabulous link for interactive pumpkin activities for kids and you "freebie"!

I used this to evaluate the pumpkin stories they wrote.


  1. I love it! Any chance you'll post the other page as a freebie too? Or is it part of a pumpkin packet I can purchase?

  2. I love this activity! I'm hoping that you'll post it or sell it.

    What made me smile this week - listening to kids talking about Hallowe'en - they love it so much

  3. Found the other page on you TpT site! Thanks, love all your ideas!