Monday, October 8, 2012

Columbus Day and a "freebie"...

So I start today asking the students to write one thing they know about Christopher Columbus.
He has a hat.
He lives in a house.
He had a boat.
Seriously they had no clue.
Finally one little girl says, "I know that he came from Spain."

Hey it was a start.  And so our day began.  Actually it was nice not having them know too much because by the end of the day they could share lots of facts with me!
Love Scholastic News.  Their new "white board" ability makes it worth every penny.
We started with the video they have.  Then "explored" what is an explorer.

Following that we used this mini book for our "read to self" during  our literacy centers.

In our word work we practiced ABC order with Columbus words.

Ah ha...notice we knew nothing to start.  Lots of book choices for  "self selected reading".

During "listen to reading" we listened about Christopher Columbus.

And writing...we focused on Christopher Columbus was...wanted.

And here is our "nifty" craft.  The ship sails around the world.

Best children's program yet for computer...BBC Columbus.

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