Thursday, September 19, 2013

Apple Printing

Today was messy business but hopefully worth the effort.  Each child brought in a solid color sweatshirt or tshirt and then we had fun putting apple prints on them. We will all wear them to the apple orchard next Tuesday for name tags and to highlight the pictures taken that day.  It is always so much fun.
Thought you might like to see how we did them.
You will need:
fabric paint

First cut an apple in half from top to bottom.  Use sandpaper to be sure the apple is flat. (Just rub the apple on the paper)  You can test the print out on paper first.  If the apple is flat you will have a nice print.  An uneven apple will leave blank spots.  Some people put craft sticks in the apple to pick it up and down.  You can also use a bowl for paint BUT be careful.  Too much paint will smear your print.

Use the sponge to cut out a leaf shape.
Next put a piece of paper inside the shirt to be sure your prints do not bleed through.
Print your apples.  We use yellow, red, or green.  Some people allow the students to do multiple colors BUT it can cause a problem if you are not careful.

Next add the stems and the seeds using brown.

Finally using the sponge add the leaves.

I then put the students name at the top.
Okay you are ready to go!!  Let the shirts dry overnight.
Parents should wash them inside out for best results.

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  1. So cute. Do you have an "apple day" where everyone wears their shirts? I'd love to see a picture of all your kiddos in their shirts.
    Granny Goes to School