Wednesday, September 18, 2013

House, Home, Shelter...

This week we moved from neighborhoods to communities and the helpers in them.  We really focused on the words rural, suburban and urban.  It was fun just listening to the kiddos try to pronounce them.  We wrote opinion pieces about which was the best and had to give details supporting this opinion.  They couldn't just say...I like the country.  It is cool. It is really really cool.  People will like the country.  LOL I know you have heard those repeats before.  Kiddos can fill whole pages with those types of comments and go...Who look how much I wrote.  So to accompany this topic we read two fabulous books that are really cute and a great "just listen" to and relax.
A New House for Mouse and Livingston Mouse.
We then made these little mice.
I am including the patterns for you if you would like to read the stories and make them some time.
Enjoy, Michele

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  1. What a darling little mouse and what a generous freebie!

    Granny Goes to School