Friday, September 6, 2013

Friday Freebie...Family

This has been a great week with my first grade kiddos learning and exploring the family unit.
Today we were busy getting ready for Grandparent's Lunch to be held the day after Grandparent's Day.
We made our "hugs" and will fill a baggie with polka dot ribbon filled with "Hershey hugs and kisses" to them.
Another book we read was My Dog Is As Stinky As Dirty Socks.  What a wonderful story to read before you complete family portraits.  In the story the little girl is describing how she just wasn't happy of the family portrait she drew at school despite the fact her teacher loved it! This is a "must read".
I am including one of my favorite activities from my family packet as a freebie.  It has the students begin by completing a question form about their family.  Students then partner up and compare and contrast their families.  Awsome for communication, critical thinking, and cooperation.
Enjoy the weekend everyone!!


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