Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Houses and Homes...

Well our family unit is complete and we are now moving into our community.
Yesterday we read Me On the Map.  I found a fantastic interactive site that shared about the author.
Of course that was amazing for us because she group up minutes from us here in Sylvania, Ohio.
Me On The Map
This site is great for building vocabulary.
After reading me on the map and discovering all the different places (Earth, continent, country, state, community) we moved to today where we are focusing on our house and neighborhood.
The lesson began with a homework page students were given to find out about their house.
This sheet was used to prepare our pre write.  It is amazing how with a little research students have so much information to share.
They then created a final copy after some editing and "ooo la la" check out our houses.  Colorful and perfect for displaying.
Next year I hope to type out the students names to put on them BUT a little late.
Enjoy!! Michele

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  1. This looks like a great introduction to research. Thanks for sharing. I also really enjoy activities where children can compare and contrast- this looks perfect for that!

    Granny Goes to School