Monday, October 14, 2013

Did Christopher Columbus really discover America?

Our topic today was Christopher Columbus.
The question was...did her discover America?
We know he was an explorer.  Do you know other famous explorers?
We found a list of the Top 10 Famous explorers and watched a mini video on Neil Armstrongs first walk on the moon.  Great vocab word...explorer.
We also learned motions an the words to a poem that told a little more about Christopher Columbus.
He left Spain in 1492.  Sailed 3 ships.  Crossed the Atlantic Ocean.
Then we had a super writing experience telling "Chris" about items we had today that he never knew about.  We wrote a paragraph using descriptive sentences.  
As I have shared before Scholastic News has online activities that accompany their newspaper.
They are informative and valuable.
We put together and read a mini book with informative text.  Following our reading we played "scoot" to discover who retained the facts.  We read and wrote with a partner.
Finally our craft for the day was a simple ship that sails around the world.
Simple and too cute.


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