Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Red Ribbon Week

Each year our district takes part in Red Ribbon Week...promoting a drug free, healthy lifestyle.
This year our theme is ...I Stand Up Against Bullying.  Today we each got a red pencil and signed a pledge not to bully.  Tomorrow we wear crazy shoes and give the "boot" to bullies. Teachers also decorated their doors with Halloween themes and a no bully sign.  We think bullies are corny!  I don't "vant to see any bullies!  This monster gobbles up bullies.  With the help of Mealonheadz and Pinterest this is the door that we created.  And guess what else we are studying?  Yep, bats and tomorrow you will see a post and a freebie about our "batty" experiences. We are "batty" for people who stand up to bullies.

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